We wanted to know what inspired women economists to enter the profession.

For 30% of respondents, it was the chance to make an impact.

What inspired you to choose to study economics? 

Who inspired you to join the profession? 

For half of all respondents, an inspirational teacher or lecturer played a significant role in their decision to pursue the profession.

Despite these notable successes, it’s very clear that perceptions of gender inequality continue to persist.

A massive 95% of respondents expressed concerns about gender inequality, with 28.9% harbouring ‘serious’ concerns’.

For many, the problem lies in attracting women to the industry in the first place.

But there is room for optimism:

So what is it that women bring to the profession?

Many female economists consider that their unique life experience benefits their practice of economics.

But for a notable group, there’s little difference between the perspectives and capabilities of women economists and their male counterparts. All, they argued, share the same intellect, curiosity and a desire to make the world a better place.

What difference will you make?

Economics consultancy offers truly rewarding careers with superb growth and development opportunities—for generalists and specialists. The impact you have on the world around you is both immediate and substantial, and it connects to so many other disciplines—including finance, policy, business and law.

At Oxera, focusing on developing the skills, knowledge and attributes of our people is a priority. We give each employee clear meaning, purpose and direction in the roles that they play and the contributions that they make.

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*144 women economists responded to the survey, conducted online during February 2020.